auto plus atr

Since January 1, 2006, Auto Plus Bulgaria JSC has been a member of ATR International AG - one of the largest and most successful trade associations in Europe.

In 1967, 5 leading German companies founded ATR GmbH (Auto-Teile-Ring) in order to benefit from the advantages that their cooperation in the auto parts trade provides them with. The initial aim of their cooperation was to strengthen their market positions through certain measures. Over time, the spectrum of services provided by ATR has gone beyond these limits.

ATR's partners support their customers with commercial and service concepts and training. In addition, they offer electronic systems with information on individual parts and technical data.

As a continuation of the idea of a changing global market and in response to new public and market structures, in 1999 ATR International AG was established as the mother company of one of Europe's most successful trade associations. Up to now, its members are 33 companies from 54 countries. They are equal among each other and are leading companies in their market. The headquarters of ATR are located in Stuttgart. For 2014, the company had a turnover of 9.3 billion Euro.